Experienced, engaging teachers.

Our native-speaking teachers are trained industry professionals with TEFL, TESOL, and CELTA certification. They have attended Boston University, Harvard University, George Mason University, and other fine institutions. Instructors at BIA have years of teaching experience in the United States and abroad. Our committed teaching staff is passionate about teaching and committed to helping you succeed.


Loren GrayESL Teacher
Loren first became involved working with international students in 2006 at Ventura College. His roles at the time included being the Supplemental Instruction Lead, attached to lower division English classes, and also working as an Anthropology, English, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, and Sociology tutor. In 2011, Loren moved to Guam, where he trained people from Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, Russia, Guam, Saipan, Palau, and the Philippines and further discovered his passion for working with diverse cultural backgrounds. The following year he moved to the People’s Republic of China, taking a position as an English instructor at Hunan Information University. There he taught, designed and implemented courses tailored to business English majors. During his time in China, Loren also worked at a private boarding school as part of the International Education Department. There he designed much of the underlying conceptual framework for educating and preparing Chinese high school students bound for universities abroad.
Binita MandaliaESL Teacher
Binita teaches all levels of classes at BIA. She spent 3 years teaching English and working for an NGO in Bogotá, Colombia. Binita studied International Relations at Arcadia University in Philadelphia, PA. She is passionate about languages, travel, dance, and photography.
Karen MillerESL Teacher
Karen is a certified ESL instructor with three years experience teaching in Mexico. A native of Houston, Texas, she moved to Boston in 2016 to pursue a master’s degree in Applied Linguistics from Boston University and currently holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies and Sociology. She has been studying Japanese since she was 12 when her family hosted an exchange student from Tokyo, Japan. Currently she teaches ESL in Boston, gives private lessons, and instructs beginner-level Japanese classes. She specializes in pronunciation and writing. She is a true Pokemon Master (since 1999!), video game enthusiast, and avid 9gagger. She’s an advocate for free speech as well as usage of the Oxford Comma. Her hobbies include writing stories and poetry, gardening, traveling, and learning languages. Currently she is studying Norwegian and is working to gain more fluency in Japanese and Spanish
John O'Donnell TOEFL Teacher
John O’Donnell grew up in the beautiful international city of Montreal. He was always interested in ethnic and cultural diversity and studied international relations as an undergraduate. In graduate school, John also focused on government and international relations. He began teaching ESL as a volunteer, because he loved sharing cultures and languages. He also wanted to do what he could to help immigrants begin their new lives in the United States. John has been teaching since 1992 and is currently teaching TOEFL, grammar, writing and speaking classes. He loves to teach because he can help people reach their personal and academic goals.
Donna JanianESL Teacher
I have lived in my hometown of Medford, MA for my entire life.
I hold a BA in French Language and Literature from Boston University as well as an M.Ed. in TESOL from Boston University.
My extensive teaching background has been in: public, private and nonprofit sectors. Courses taught include the following: French; ESL; all areas of Social Studies; Business Skills; GED Prep; TOEFL Prep.; IELTS; and TOEIC. I also worked in the financial sector for seventeen years. For enjoyment, traveling has been a passion of mine. Places visited: France, Switzerland, Italy, and numerous Caribbean islands.
Cavell ScottESL Teacher
My name’s Cavell and I love languages. Aside from English, I am relatively fluent in Spanish, I’m picking up some Portuguese, and I like the sound of German. That last bit might seem strange, but it’s really true. My aim is to be able to speak 4 languages fluently. I’ve been an ESL teacher for over 12 years and find much joy in watching the transformation that happens in students who discover their own abilities to acquire a second, third, or even fourth language. Outside of school, I’m passionate about church, eating fresh vegetables, and cooking. I cook a pretty mean meal. Ask me about how to volunteer at a soup kitchen.
Samantha TaschereauESL Teacher
Samantha has taught English in South Korea for a number of years. She teaches students of all ages and backgrounds. Her hobbies include fitness and learning languages, including Korean and Spanish.
Sarah AmourESL Teacher
Experienced educator, administrator, and leader. Worked with all ages of learners from
preschool to adults. Knowledgeable in Pedagogy, Adult Learning Theories and Special
Education. Sarah has multiple educational certifications, and has taught students of all backgrounds.
Steve UssachESL Teacher
Steve has taught English at a variety of schools including students of all ages and English levels. Steve has taught in Public and Private schools in Mexico and the United States. Steve speaks English, Spanish, and Portuguese, and has extensive experience working, living, and traveling abroad.
EmilyESL Teacher
Emily has taught and tutored ESL students in business and traditional English for the last 7 years. Emily has taught English in Chile and the United States.
Kelly BurtonESL Teacher
Kelly has taught classes at various Universities is the North East, and has taught students of various ages. She is published author of books covering a variety of subjects including fiction and non-fiction, poems and plays.
Hank DonahoeESL Teacher
Hank has taught English to Students of all ages in Boston and Seoul, South Korea. He has taught students of various levels and backgrounds. Hank has worked in a variety of different industries, and uses his vast worldly experience to deliver meaningful lessons to his students at BIA.