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We offer the highest quality English education at some of the most affordable prices around. Use our easy price calculator to figure out how much your program will cost. You can also consult our detailed pricing tables below.

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Full-Time Programs

To enroll in one of our full-time programs, students must hold a valid visa that permits full-time study in the United States. Citizens and Green Card holders are eligible to study in any program of their choice.

Program Monthly Rate Hours per Week
Premium ESL 24 $850 18 hours per week
Premium ESL 28 $1050 21 hours per week
Premium ESL 32 $1200 24 hours per week
Premium TOEFL 32 $850 18 hours per week
TEFL/TESOL $975 18 hours per week
2-Week Courses (per course) $425 18 hours per week

NOTE: SACM students with an F-1 visa must study 21 or more hours per week.

Part-Time Programs

Students who are NOT eligible for full-time study (based on visa status) may choose either part-time Intensive ESL 20 or Afternoon Electives and may not attend more than 15 hours per week of classes.

F-1 students are NOT eligible to attend part-time classes at BIA.

Program/Course Monthly Rate Hours per Week
Intensive ESL 20 $800 15 hours per week
Afternoon Electives (per course) $240 3 hours per week

Additional Fees

Additional visa application and processing fees may apply.

Application Fee (non-refundable) $150
Application Fee – Afternoon Electives (non-refundable) $75
Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $250
Document Mailing Fee $65
Class Materials $30-80 (varies)
Wire Transfer Fee $20 (if applicable)